Three Reasons college Students Struggle

Our top 3 reasons college students struggle

Lack Time Management Skills


  1. Account for every minute of your day from the moment when you wake up till you retire to bed.
  2. Increase productivity by sticking to your schedule and following through with everything.

Lack Planning and Prioritization Skills


  1. Write down all your "to do" list.
  2. For each item ask yourself : Is this a NEED or MUST do now? Failure to do it has severe consequences.
  3. Assign a number to each item, with the 1 given to the highest priority.
  4. Determine when you will act on each item ("complete by" date/time).
  5. Commit to and follow through

Lack Studying Techniques


  1. Set aside 30 minutes blocks for a focused study.
  2. Choose a quiet place that's conducive for you.
  3. Know the learning objective for that topic before you start reading.
  4. Read for that minutes and stop. Process the content, in
    relation to the learning objective above.
  5. Hand write brief personal notes on the same.

Five Planning and Time Management Strategies

Three Studying Techniques

1. Engage in active studying

  • Process content (conscious about what you just read)
  • Make meaning (in relation to the learning objective) 
  • Handwrite brief notes of your understanding.

2. Spacing

  • Schedule 30 minutes reading blocks.
  • Set your timer, and stop after 30 minutes.
  • Engage in information processing for at least 10 minutes.

3. Team or Partner Studying

  • Team up with a partner or 2 other peers
  • Designate sections/topic/subtopics to each member
  • Schedule a weekly meet-up time where each member teaches the rest about their section, connecting to the learning objectives.

Self-Care for Physical and Mental Wellness

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